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Recognizing the extensive range of exciting lifestyle choices available in the UPTOWN Business District, NHMG set out to create a comprehensive website to serve as a referral resource to local residents and visiting guests, as well as a complimentary promotional tool for businesses operating within the defined district. Initially created as JoyceBlvd.com [named after the popular street that is a primary connecting artery through the district] in 2008, the website took on a life of its own as the only resource designed to exclusively highlight and promote the North Fayetteville business district. This effort caught the attention of several business leaders operating within the district. This group of business leaders soon formed the Uptown Fayetteville Association (UFA) – a collective voice of area merchants speaking on behalf of and representing the regional commercial district. A partnership was born between NHMG and the UFA, and JoyceBlvd.com was renamed UptownFayettevilleAR.com with the same concept and vision of highlighting the business district as a preferred lifestyle destination in Northwest Arkansas. With this transition, a branding campaign led by NHMG was launched to identify the North Fayetteville Business District as UPTOWN Fayetteville. The new brand name is gradually being embraced by residents and guests, with some local establishments, including the University of Arkansas, incorporating "UPTOWN" into their respective names. Look for UPTOWN Fayetteville becoming a household name in Northwest Arkansas in the months and years to come!

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