NHMG Consumer Insights
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Ozark Natural Foods - 2011 & 2013 | The ONF Cooperative leadership needed to check the pulse of its owners/members and looked to NHMG for assistance. We collected invaluable information and data from over 1800 owners, through the distribution of just over 7000 surveys by direct mail, online, on-site, and via electronic mail. The information gathered successfully accounted for a 26% response rate - the best return seen by the local cooperative to-date. With the subsequent analysis of the data by NHMG, our client was able to confidently develop a decisive strategy to better serve its owners and fine-tune its approach to long-term, continued growth in a competitive environment.

NWA Roller Derby - 2010 | With its inaugural season in the bag, the NWARD was looking to build upon its initial fan base for the upcoming season and beyond, and needed some guidance to reach out to new ones. NHMG developed a short questionnaire, which was presented to visiting fans over a series of local competitions. With the demographic data collected, NHMG identified the ideal supporter/customer for the NWARD, as well as opportunities to seek out these supporters effectively using available media outlets.

Mr. O's Fitness & Nutrition - 2009 | As a brand new retail outlet, Mr. O's needed to figure out how, where, and when to market its products and services. NHMG conducted a survey strictly with "paying customers only" over an extended period of time to guage their motivations to solicit Mr. O's. The information gathered was instrumental in developing a "longevity" strategy for Mr. O's in a struggling economy, including the decision to relocate to an alternative location to reduce risk and maximize its growth potential.

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